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We understand everything we see and speak because we love and we do since we feel and we are being Human! Namaste! ॐ

The Physics of Ascension Simplified (THEORY)


This picture represents the imagined Crystalline Grid. The Crystalline Grid is the electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field holds our consciousness to observe the 3rd dimension. Here, on the 3rd dimension, we learn individuality from the Ego.

At the point of Singularity on 12/21/12,which is the point when energy is aware of imminent manifestation of Light, all will be One at Source. At this point we will then be introduced to gamma radiation. This gamma radiation will ground us to the 5th dimension. Those who understand “ALL is One” will synchronize with these higher frequencies. This is the activation of the Higher Crown chakras. We will perceive higher frequency colors than the ones we perceive now in the 3rd dimension (ROYGBIV:Red,Orange,yellow,green, blue, indigo, violet).The pole shift will be the physical manifestion of being grounded into the 5th dimension. It will happen to everyone because we will all tune in!

Love and Light!


Namaste _/\_

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